Che Channel launched on November 12, 2015.

The key idea of the new channel is the reflection of the lifestyle of a "real Man", his interests, principles and core values of living. Che is the channel about men, who are interested in the history of their country, who respect their profession, love their family, care for their friends and value quality feature films and TV series.

Che is targeting the All 25-49 audience with a principal focus on 30-40. It will be the channel about men whose work is recognized and valued, who command respect, who are trying to make good use of their time, and who love their country and family. It will be the channel for men who are kind because they are strong. Women will find in Che a valuable source of information about the interests of their partners, and an opportunity to peek into their minds.

Channel programming will include projects focused on men's interests and hobbies, manly occupations, sports broadcasts, as well as popular science shows, quality feature films and Russian and international TV series.

The new channel will feature both well-known celebrities and completely new anchors fitting well with the new content concept. The first shows will feature Aleksei Kortnev, who will present the “Good Thing to Do” (“Dobroe delo”) social project on mutual aid and kindness, Viktor Vasiliev in the “Man vs. Brain” intelligence quiz, Evgeny Margulis whose flat will become a stage for acoustic performances, and Maksim Golopolosov with his popular show “+100500”.

In the Russian language, Che resonates with words and names like Man, Honor, Entertainment, Chekhov and more. Che is a proud name!

The channel’s technical penetration in Russia is 87.6%.

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*Che TV channel is using the frequency band used by Peretz. Peretz was launched in 1999 under the name of Daryal TV (from 2002 - DTV). In 2008, CTC Media acquired the channel from Modern Times Group MTG AB. On October 2011 the channel was relaunched in a new format as Peretz.