“Che” TV Channel started broadcasting on November 12, 2015.

The channel is targeting the All, 25-49 audience with the focus on 30-40 year olds.

“Che” is an action entertainment channel with a strong personality and a modern approach to spectacular entertainment. The best foreign TV series, world blockbusters as well as beloved Russian movies, programs and TV series of the channel’s own production are making the core of the channel’s new, prominent and strong brand.

“Che” is a world of challenge, risk, power, motion and – of course – irony, without which it is nearly impossible to embrace the reality that surrounds us.

On July 31, 2017, the channel changed its logo and design. The new brand’s attributes now symbolize “four elements”: risk, challenge, power and motion. Altogether, they create a whole universe of emotions, giant and unique, that floods over the channel’s viewers.

“Che”’s own projects include “Spider” (“Pauk”) TV series, reality shows “Solver” (“Reshala”) and “Anti-collectors” (“Antikollectory”), extreme travel show “Bazhenov’s way: Straight through” (“Put’ Bazhenova: Naprolom”) and car show “Utilizer” (“Utilizator”).

Most popular TV series to be broadcasted in the channel’s “Big TV series” slot are “Westworld”, “House of Cards”, “Fargo”, “The Young Pope”, “How to Get Away with Murder”, “Mr. Robot”, “The Knick”, “White Collar” and “Prison Break“.

The channel’s technical penetration in Russia is 87.6%.

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*Che TV channel is using the frequency band used by Peretz. Peretz was launched in 1999 under the name of Daryal TV (from 2002 - DTV). In 2008, CTC Media acquired the channel from Modern Times Group MTG AB. On October 2011 the channel was relaunched in a new format as Peretz.