International Version of CTC


Larger broadcasting footprint of CTC International across nations with multiple Russian-speaking viewers is pivotal to the strategic development of the company.

The potential viewership of CTC International in all regions of operation totals some 30 mln people.

In 2009, CTC Media kicked-off its satellite broadcasting in the US via DISH platform. The international arm of CTC delivers services throughout the entire country.

In June 2010, CTC launched its international broadcasting services in Israel, via the satellite platform Yes and the cable HOT.

Since February 2012, CTC International has been streaming its content via HOT BIRD™ satellite in countries of Western and Eastern Europe, along with a number of nations in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. In April 2012, CTC International started broadcasting its programs in Kyrgyzstan, while in May it entered the markets of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, one of the largest markets in the CIS.

In 2013, the TV channel was launched across IPTV networks in Canada.

The international version of CTC is currently available in Kazakhstan, the Baltic states, the US, Canada, Europe, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Central Asia, Mongolia, Israel, UAE and Australia and others. Among the largest territories of the CTC International’s audience reach are Kazakhstan, the Baltic states, countries of Western and Eastern Europe, and North America. The cumulative number of the channel’s viewers amounted 5.7 mln people as of the end of 2016.

CTC International is an entertainment channel for families. We broadcast the best TV series and captivating shows, including comedy ones, 24/7. No politics or news, all we bring is cheer and joy.

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