Digital Products

CTC Media’s presence across all media platforms enables viewers to search for and view content produced by the Company on multiple devices.

We currently offer:  

1. CTC TV channel apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. 

These apps offer a user-friendly and intuitive interface that facilitates direct user interaction; users can receive notifications about new TV shows, set reminders for the start of their favorite TV shows and receive updates about popular series and events. Almost the entire CTC TV channel content library is available through these apps. Premium content can also be purchased from iTunes directly through the app. A unique interactive feature allows internet users to share information about the TV show they are currently watching on social networks at the click of a button. Users can become TV producers, while the most active users receive awards and bonuses.

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2. CTC TV client for LG SmartTV and Philips NetTV.

The Smart TV widget was released in July 2011. Owners of LG Smart TVs can stream over 1,000 hours of CTC video content over the Internet direct to their TVs, marking a shift away from traditional TV viewing habits. The CTC channel widget has become popular among LG TV owners mainly thanks to the fact that widgets for the company’s other channels Domashny and Peretz were released in June 2012. CTC content can also be viewed on Philips Smart TVs. CTC Media sees a bright future for Smart TVs and will continue to develop this area.

3. social TV network app is a website for viewing licensed video content online. It also offers users free unlimited access to the video archives of the CTC Media channels CTC, Domashny and Peretz, including unaired material and content from other producers. Users can currently watch video content on the portal on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. Apps are also available for Facebook, VKontakte, set-top-boxes and A Videomore widget is can also be downloaded for the D-link Boxee media player. An HTML5 version of the website lets users watch Videomore on a wide range of mobile devices supporting this format. 

4. CTC Media app for BeelineTV. 

A joint project with Beeline TV brought the first batch of IPTV subscriptions to the Russian market when CTC, Peretz and Domashny branded widgets were developed on the Beeline TV platform (based on Microsoft Mediaroom). Beeline TV subscribers are given access to the widgets as part of their monthly subscription (SVOD).