Moscow, Russia – March 06, 2007 – On March 2, 2007 in the “Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya” hotel on the eve of the two-year anniversary of the “Domashny” TV channel a conference “Domashny. Pro life” took place. The event was attended by the partners and clients of the network as well as the local media. The conference was opened by the President of “CTC Media” Alexander Rodnyansky. “Two years can hardly be considered a long time when we speak about the projects of such scale", said Mr. Rodnyansky. “Launched precisely 728 days ago the channel has become cost-effective, explicitly demonstrating that if the idea is original, the strategy aggressive and the team is professional, there is no need to wait for some ten years in order to get on the list of the country’s top ten (or, rather, TOP-eight, to be exact) biggest channels”.

There were two sections working within the framework of the conference:

· “Thematic channels and the advertising market” (featuring the General Director of Video International corporate group S. Vasilyev and the President of “CTC Media” Alexander Rodnyansky);
· “Programming: further development of the brand” (featuring the Executive Director of “CTC Media” V. Khanumyan, the Deputy General Director of the “Domashny” TV channel Y. Shklyar and the Executive Producer of the “Domashny” TV channel N.Beelan).

The journalists had an opportunity to converse with the TV channel top-management, presenters, advertisers and partners during the press-conference.

The official part of the event ended with the ceremony “Domashny TV set” (“Home TV set”) in the course of which the best partners of the “Domashny” TV channel were awarded.

Grand Prix was registered in the following nominations:
· “Journalist of the Year DOMASHNY style” – Yuri Larin, the “Ogonyok” magazine;
· “Chief advertiser of the “Domashny” – OJSC “Wimm-Bill-Dunn Food Stuffs”;
· “Best regional company” – “Domashny – St. Petersburg”.