CTC Media and Magnit Retail Chain Announce Cooperation

10.04.2015 17:00:00
Moscow, Russia — April 10, 2015 — CTC Media (NASDAQ:CTCM), a leading Russian media company, and the country’s leading retail chain Magnit announced the start of cooperation on the launch of a new customer loyalty program under the brand of the “Kukhnya” (Kitchen) series. The project will be one of the widest-scale examples of the use of a TV brand in a Russian retail network.

Buying goods since March 23 until September 6, 2015, customers will be given stickers that they can then exchange for branded frying pans, or buy them at a good discount. The promo event is held at 4 850 stores of the chain.

The slogan “Kukhnya Recommends” and the characters of the TV series are used in various formats (price-tags, posters, toppers, etc.) in the Magnit stores participating in the promo event. A special promo-site www.thomasmagnit.ru has been launched to familiarize customers about the conditions of the event and participation in its additional competitions. 

Earlier, license agreements granting the right of use of the CTC Media brands were made with such companies as Unilever, Electrolux AB, Russian Cosmetics, Gauss, Polymerbyt, Esta Group and Exmo Printing House. 

Ksenia Gordienko, Director on Licensing, CTC Media Holding: “We are the first Russian media holding that, in the framework of income diversification, has entered the licensing business segment. In the more advanced West European and North American media markets, licensing brings the world’s biggest TV companies up to 3-5% of their revenues. Cooperation with such an esteemed partner as Magnit will demonstrate to the market that involvement of a popular media brand is an important trend for licensing in Russia”. 

About CTC Media, Inc.  

CTC Media is the leading Russian independent media company. The group manages four television channels in Russia (CTC, Domashniy, Peretz and CTC Love) as well as Channel 31 in Kazakhstan with combined audience of the five channels exceeding 150 million viewers. The international version of CTC Channel is available in North America, Europe, Central Asia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Middle East and Kyrgyzstan. The international version of Peretz Channel is available in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. CTC Media also owns several digital entertainment media assets including videomore.ru, domashniy.ru, ctc.ru and peretz.ru, CarambaTV. CTC Media is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol CTCM. 

About retail chain Magnit

Retail chain Magnit is the leading food retailer in Russia. Magnit is the leader by the number of food stores and their geographical coverage, shopping capacities, sales volumes, the rates of growth and efficiency. As of December 31, 2014, the chain comprised 9 711 stores located in 2 108 towns in Russia. The company manages its own logistic system numbering, as of December 31, 2014, 27 distribution centers, an automated system of storage management and a fleet of 5 938 vehicles. Magnit is a major employer in Russia. Today, its staff exceeds 250 0000 employees. 

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