BIG TV Rating to Measure TV Audiences across All Planes

15.03.2016 11:45:00
Moscow, Russia — March 15, 2016 — CTC Media, TNS Russia and Vi announced a pilot project to measure the audiences of TV content and in-program advertising across both traditional and digital planes.

Media advertising industry has faced the transformation of content delivery and consumption system in recent years.

Big TV Rating will measure non-linear viewership of all federal channels that are a part of TNS measurement panel.

Advertisers will get consolidated data on content consumption across both linear (TV views) and digital planes. CTC Media will be the first to use this data to offer a new advertising product to the market. Vi will use its ViMB system as a technology platform to sell advertising over Big TV Ratings.

Today traditional linear video consumption is complemented by non-linear views when the same content is viewed using a device chosen by the viewer. Traditional television companies follow the audiences and deliver content across all devices, platforms and environments, thus evolving into content holdings.

Finally, the measurements followed the audiences as well.

Big TV Rating measures the audience exhibiting non-linear consumption of premium TV content and evaluates its overlays with traditional consumption to build a consolidated rating of TV content and in-program advertising. As the result, traditional TV audience is merged with the new, hard-to-reach audience of light TV viewers, offering advertisers an opportunity to work with actual TV inventory.

Yuliana Slashcheva, Chief Executive of CTC Media: “We embarked on the strategy to build a content holding two and a half years ago. Today our products are everywhere our viewers are, including web, mobile, and Smart TV. CTC projects consistently have strong digital audience. Today the viewership of certain CTC projects on new platforms is comparable to their on-air viewership. Now our partners and advertisers will be able to understand the real audiences of CTC projects, and later of our other channels as well.”

Ksenia Achkasova, TV Audience Research Director, TNS Russia: “The technology landscape is changing, and so is the measurement methodology to ensure they fully match. The new measurement technology offers a more accurate evaluation of content audience regardless of particular screen, time or place of its consumption.”

Sergey Vasiliev, Chief Executive of Vi: “There is a tendency to contrast TV and the Internet, trying to compare the incomparable. Even the word 'digital' is often treated as if it only applies to the Internet. Yet digital encompasses almost all traditional media, including TV. The evolution of content delivery technologies television is no longer just a sacred set that used to collect the whole family around it for over a half of the century. Sofa viewership is still there, yet many new technologies and devices allowing for content consumption anytime, anywhere and using any device. So, TV has become big and intelligent. Non-traditional TV consumers not accounted for in the media advertising world keep growing in numbers. It is time to learn how to count them and monetize them.”

In 2015, similar products were announced by Kantar Media (for SKO in the Netherlands), BARB in the UK, Nielsen (for CBS All Access[1]) and ComScore[2].

About CTC Media

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About Vi

Vi (Video International) is the largest operator of the advertising media market in Russia and Eastern Europe. The company sells advertising capacities and provides media with comprehensive analytical services, legal and IT-support.

Vi serves leading TV channels across Russia and CIS, Russian federal radio stations, Internet resources, cinema chains, as well as DOOH inside shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, etc.

Among Vi customers are the largest Russian media holdings: Channel One, VGTRK, Prof-Media, National Media Group, Russian Media Group, UTV; Discovery, Yandex, Cinema Park and Kinostar DeLUXE, a trading company X5 Retail Group and others.

Vi lends large-scale support to the sale process to EvereST-S agencies selling advertising opportunities of CTC Media holding.

ViMB is a unique software development of Vi IT Department. ViMB is an automatized system of ad placement which carries out the technological cycle of ad sales, uniting all participants of the process into a single software space.

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